14-16th June 2018
Herne Hill Velodrome Dulwich Village, London

Spotlight On: MS Original Creations

Over the past few years Michael Shapcott has been combining his lifelong interest in bicycles with his creative skills and has produced a number of incredible individual sculptural light pieces. This year, Michael brings his creations to the World Cycling Revival Festival.

Each item has been individually created and assembled utilising quality vintage bike parts, vintage nuts and bolts and miscellaneous antique objects in a manner that achieves a balance between creativity and practicality.


Each of his pieces is illuminated, signed and completely unique. They are mounted on a hand crafted, recycled, waxed and polished hardwood base to produce an exceptional statement piece for the home or office. We were very keen to ask Mr Shapcott and few questions about his incredible designs:


How did your work evolve into what you do today?

Due to my known interest in cycling, a friend gave me two boxes of vintage bicycle bits and pieces; after selling some, my wife suggested I made a lamp with the few remaining pieces.

How do you spread the word about your work?

The work continues to develop at a fast pace and I’m focusing on the Cycle Revival Festival as an ideal platform to give this project its first exposure.

Who in the sculpture world do you most take influence from?

My ceramics are almost certainly influenced by Tim Burton and Dr Seuss

Have you always worked in cycling-based art, or is this a recent venture?

‘Light Parade’ is a recent venture.

How do you imagine your work changing over the next few years

Future development includes expanding my market and the production of increasingly complex, maybe larger pieces.

Michael will be exhibiting his Original Creations in the Retail Village at the World Cycling Revival Festival. be sure to stop by and say hello, he has a lot to say about his work and is proud to offer something unique and original. You can find out more at Michael’s website, msoriginalcreations.foliopic.com



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