14-16th June 2018
Herne Hill Velodrome Dulwich Village, London

Mark Beaumont in R.White’s World 1 Hour Penny Farthing Record Attempt

In 2017 Mark Beaumont became the fastest man to cycle round the world. In 2018 he's hoping to be the fastest man on a penny farthing in the world. Join us on June 15th as he makes the R.White's Lemonade Penny Farthing Hour World Record Attempt.

He holds the world record for cycling round the globe. Now Mark Beaumont is hoping to beat a 127- year record set at the end of the 19th century for going further than anyone else on a Penny Farthing in an hour. Join us on June 15 to witness history being made.

Current World Record set by WA Rowe at Hampden Park, Massachusetts in October 1886 of 22 miles and 150 yards. Current English Record set by BW Attlee at Herne Hill, London in September 1891 of 21 miles and 180 yards. On Friday June 15 a team of elite Penny Farthing riders led by a cycling endurance superstar Mark Beaumont will climb aboard their high-wheelers to attempt to break the records.

The Scot, who is the world record holder for cycling round the world in under 80 days, took delivery of a custom-made penny farthing on January 2 2018.

© Ben Queenborough / Pinpep / R.White’s

He said: “I have been training hard around the parks of Edinburgh and you get some funny looks. The hour record is 23 and a half miles, which is pretty nuts on a penny farthing, but I have been quite enjoying not training ultra-endurance – this is just me and my mates wanting to do something eccentric and daft.”



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