14-16th June 2018
Herne Hill Velodrome Dulwich Village, London

Condor Cycles Unveil Limited Edition, 1950’s Replica Bikes for the World Cycling Revival Festival

Condor Cycles have today unveiled special edition frames designed for the World Cycling Revival Festival.

The limited edition bike has been handmade in Italy especially for the Japanese Keirin Trophy, the centrepiece of the thrilling race programme at the festival which takes place between 14th-16th June 2018 at Herne Hill Velodrome in London. Incredibly popular in Japan, the daily five-race competition will show off track cycling at its best: fast-paced, breathtaking and unpredictable.

Condor used their Classico model as the initial blueprint for the design taking styling cues from the 50s & 60s bikes used by Condor racers, Dave Bonner and Hugh Porter at Herne Hill Velodrome.

These specifically designed bikes have been built using keirin-style components and, to make the racing more about each rider’s track skills and strength, all competitors will compete on these replica models. Only 15 bikes have been created.

The handmade bikes have a triple butted lugged steel frame, made with the latest modern steel in the 1950s style. The rear section is chrome plated and etched on the fork with ‘Since 1948’ the year Condor was formed & also the year of the London Olympics at Herne Hill.








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