14-16th June 2018
Herne Hill Velodrome Dulwich Village, London

The Brompton bicycle has become synonymous with urban and commuter cycling since the millennium. The folding bike manufacturers have taken the world by storm with their innovative design and superior build quality. It is difficult, in 2018, to complete a morning commute in a large city without seeing at least one of their famous folding bikes. The Brompton is well-versed in urban transit and office manners but has seldom had chance to prove itself on the track. Until now.

The World Cycling Revival is delighted to announce a special track event, the Brompton ’48 Invitational, will bring the famous folding bicycle to the Herne Hill Velodrome and give competitors a chance to compete on the track for a £10,048 prize fund. Leading a team will be the world-renown cyclist David Millar, who has recently created CHPT 3, a new series of top-quality cycling apparel and collaborated with Brompton to create a sports-worthy folding bicycle.

From Brompton themselves:

We announced the format for our ’48 invitational race, taking place on Thursday 14th June at the P&P World Cycling Revival. The ‘winner takes all’ competition, will comprise of 48 riders taking part in 2 elimination-style heats, the victorious 24 riders from those heats will then battle it out in the final for a grand prize of £10,048, an amount greater than the 1st place winner of any elite UCI World Championship Road race would win.

A limited number of places in this race will be left open for entrants from across the world. Anyone who’d like to be considered can go to www.brompton.co.uk/48invitational to apply.

This won’t be the first time Bromptons have been used in a competition; the annual Brompton World Championships are a popular yearly event, but this is the first time the commuting heroes will go head to head at the velodrome like Herne Hill for one of the largest prize funds in cycling.


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