14-16th June 2018
Herne Hill Velodrome Dulwich Village, London

Exhibitions at the World Cycling Revival Festival

The National Cycle Museum is pleased to be partnering with the World Cycling Revival Festival to create an exhibition to celebrate 200 years of the bicycle.The exhibition at the World Cycling Revival Festival provides the museum with the opportunity to tell the story of the bicycle and enable many thousands of visitors to see the actual machines that have been used by cyclists for the past 200 years. As the home of cycling at the 1948 Olympics, the Herne Hill Velodrome has its own place in cycling history and we are proud to be working with the Cycling Revival to bring this classic venue to life. A couple of the bikes we will be featuring at the Cycling Revival are the 1819 Hobby Horse and the 1891 Swift Safety Bicycle, we invite you to read on for a brief history of these pivotal machines.

 The History of the Bicycle

with the National Cycle Museum

Curators will walk patrons through an unbelievable collection of 25 historical bikes from the National Cycle Museum, highlighting along the way the most important innovations from the bicycle’s 200-year history. A selection of the bikes that will be featured are the 1819 Hobby Horse, the 1880s Swift Safety Bicycle and the 1896 Beard Safety Bicycle, all of which played a major role in the development of today’s bicycle. There will also be opportunities to see some of the most historically important bicycles from the 20th and 21st century, when competitive cycling blossomed into one of the best-love sports in the world.


1880s Swift Safety Bicycle

1819 Hobby Horse

1896 Beard Safety Bicycle


Bikes and Bloomers

We are excited to announce that Kat Jungnickel, senior lecturer in sociology and author of Bikes and Bloomers: Victorian Women Inventors and Their Extraordinary Cycle Wear will be joining us for the Cycling Revival Festival.

The bicycle in Victorian Britain is often celebrated as a vehicle of women’s liberation. But much less is known about another critical technology with which women forged new and mobile public lives – cycle wear. After three years of in-depth archival research and inventive practice, Kat Jungnickel brings to life in rich detail the lesser-known stories of six inventors and their unique contributions to cycling’s past, which continue to shape urban life for contemporary mobile women.

From Alice Bygrave, a dressmaker of Brixton who registered four patents for a skirt with a dual pulley system built into its seams to Mary and Sarah Pease, sisters from York, patented a skirt that could be quickly converted into a fashionable high-collar cape – these women and their unique contributions to cycling’s past continue to shape urban life for contemporary mobile women. Kat’s ‘telling about society’ takes many forms including performances, installations and sewing workshops and we are looking forward to see what she will bring to the festival!

See Kat Jungnickel talk about these extraordinary innovations at the World Cycling Revival Festival this June.

To learn more about Bikes and Bloomers, visit their website bikesandbloomers.com

Photographic Exhibitions

The World Cycling Revival Festival are delighted to announce that we will be teaming up with some of the world’s finest photography houses to bring our patrons a stunning gallery of classic photography that tells the story of the bicycle and its role in society. To celebrate 200 years of the bicycle, we can think of no better way than to display some of the most captivating photographs from cycling’s golden age.

All of these prints will be for sale, with assistants on hand to order our patrons prints directly to their home in the weeks after the event, as well as provide a professional service in curation and discuss the works with our guests. Over the following pages are but a small sample of the kinds of photographs on display at the Cycling Revival Photography Exhibition.

10/7/1948 Tour de France 1948,.
The peloton cross over the river on route to Montpellier.
Photo: Offside / L’Equipe.

6th June 1948 – Giro D’Italia 1948 – Stage 19 (Brescia to Milan)
Fausto Coppi is congratulated as he stands on the podium
Photo: Offside / Archivi Farabola.

drapeau france L'(31/07/1921) jalabert (laurent) Tour de France. l’Equipe/ Offside

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